Scrubs and Wraps

The Green Room

Green Tea & Mandarin Wrap

The perfect way to relax and unwind… Deeply cleanse and buff the body at any time, during any season, before a holiday, or just to purely indulge!

(per treatment) £44

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Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy

Completely customised to either energise or reduce stress, this Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy polishes skin to a soft glow. Mineral Sea Salts and Seaweed exfoliate while skin-smoothing enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells naturally for a smooth finish.

(per treatment) £30.00

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Citrus Detox Reviver

Feel fresh and alive with this detoxifying treatment. Exfoliations with finely ground olive grains refines the pores and reveals fresh, new skin. Then, while you are enveloped in layers of gels and oils, a stimulating foot reflex pressure massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins.

(per treatment) £45.00

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