The Green Room offers the PHD and Perron Rigot Waxing systems: each is professional, hygienic and suitable for even the most sensitive areas. We offer waxing services on the following areas of the body.


At the green room we offer the PHD and Lycon waxing. Each is a professional and hygienic system, suitable for even the most sensitive areas. 

Half Leg £19.00

Full Leg £26.00

Bikini Tidy £13.00

Full Bikini Line £18.00

Brazilian (30 minutes) £25.00

Underarm £10.00

Forearm £15.00

Full Arm £20.00

Facial Waxing £14.00

Lip £7.00

Chin £8.00

Lip and Chin £12.50

Eyebrow £10.00

Feet and Toes £3.00

Back Wax £20.00

Chest Wax £25.00

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Lycon Precision Waxing

Australia’s Lycon wax contains the finest resins , natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils to deliver a superior performance . Extremely popular with famous celebrities all over the world.

This hot wax system is perfect for intimate and coarse hair. Virtually pain free waxing that strink wraps the hair without sticking to the skin. Removes hair as short as 1mm.


Brazilian (per treatment) £35.00

Hollywood (per treatment) £45.00

Underarm (per treatment) £15.00

Lip (per treatment) £10.00

Chin (per treatment) £10.00

Bikini tidy (per treatment) £20.00

Full bikini (per treatment) £25.00

Facial wax (per treatment) £18.00

Back wax (per treatment) £30.00

Chest wax (per treatment) £35.00

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